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Attestation, Authentication, Legalization and Apostille Service From India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Nepal
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Embassy Attestations/
Legalizations/ Authentications

If the country where you intend to
use your document is a non member
of Hague Convention You need a Embassy Legalization

If the country where you intend to use your document is a member of Hague Convention You need Apostille service

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Why should you choose Genius?

1) Online Tracking Facility
2) Direct Submission, No agents or middle men !!!
3) Find Genius wherever you go !
4) End to End Legalization including Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
5) Live Support 24/7,365 days
6) Document Complications
7) International Delivery
8) Express / Emergency Services
9) Multinational Staff
10) Trusted Courier Service Providers
11) ISO 9001:2008
12) Value for Money
13) Expert Advice
14) Free Pick up and delivery
15) Corporate Clients

1) Online Tracking Facility:
     Track your documents live 24/7, 365 days. We keep you updated about the status of your document during the entire duration of the legalization process. We update you via e-mail and SMS at every step of processing.
Genius Attestation Services - an office that never sleeps!!!!!!!


2) Direct Submission, No agents or middle men!!!
     Genius Attestation Services submits its documents directly to the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Affairs and other State Departments. Many people choose travel agencies and typing centers to submit their valuable certificates and documents and many people resort to middle men to gain access or submit their documents. By not choosing a trusted service provider like Genius Attestation Services they unwittingly compromise the safety and security of their document.
People relying on agents, typing centers and travel agencies are unaware that to get a status update of their documents, these agencies have to contact multiple number of agents and most of the times their inquiries can never be met with a affirmative reply.
When you choose Genius Attestation Services -  YOU CHOOSE PEACE OF MIND.


3) Find Genius wherever you go!
    Whether it is India, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.K. or U.S.A, we have our offices there! Our staff man more than a 100 offices worldwide- providing you with the same customer service, no matter where you go.
Genius Attestation Services - The global leaders in attestation and apostille.


4) End to End Legalization including Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
     Attestation and Apostille procedures are incomplete without legalization by the MFA of the host country. Genius Attestation Services provides attestation from the MFAs of UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. 
Genius Attestation Services- The destination for legalization


5) Live Support 24/7,365 days
    Our staff is dedicated in providing you support both online and by phone. Our chat support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you so Genius Attestation Services is an office that never sleeps.
You can in fact speak directly to the senior managers of the company, who will assist you with whatever queries or complications you may have.

Genius Attestation Services- Anytime. Every time


6) Document Complications
    Certain documents may have factual errors like spelling mistakes, wrong addresses etc.     Our hands on expertise coupled with years of experience will guide you with how to attest these documents. Call our offices for a free evaluation of your document hassles.

Genius Attestation Services- A friend indeed


7) International Delivery
    Once you submit your documents to our office, the attested/apostilled documents can be delivered anywhere internationally. For eg. if the you submit the document in India and want a delivery in the UAE, we will do so FREE.
Moreover in some cases when an employer requests for attested documents and the document owner is in another country, we will deliver the attested documents to the employer anywhere in the countries where Genius Attestation Services is located.

Genius Attestation Services- Wherever you go.


8) Express/Emergency Services
    Opportunities never seek an appointment in life. They just appear. So if you find yourself in a situation when you have to fly in a matter of a few days, bank on us to provide you with express and emergency services in which we will deliver completely legalized documents in matter of days!!!
Genius Attestation Services- Speedy and Safe


9) Multinational Staff
   Our staff is drawn from different countries of the world. So no matter what language you speak you will find our staff well versed to handle your queries in your native language.

Genius Attestation Services- We understand your needs


10) Trusted Courier Service Providers
    We bank on trusted courier service companies like DHL, FedEx and Blue Dart. This in effect enhances the safety and security of the bulk movement of our documents.
Genius Attestation Services-  Safe and Secure


11) ISO 9001:2008
    Genius Attestation Services is the only ISO certified Legalization Company in the world. The ISO certification is a proof of our unparalleled customer service and expertise. So when it comes to legalizing documents, our service speaks for itself.

Genius Attestation Services-  Quality is our middle name


12) Value for Money
   When it comes to prices, Genius Attestation Services provides you with the best value for money prices. You can be rest assured that you will NEVER find a better service provider than us or a better price than ours.
Genius Attestation Services-  Better than the best


13) Expert Advice
   Traveling abroad for work or study for the first time is a whole new experience.      Requirements change from country to country. Does the company you choose have a team of SMEs to give you professional advice?
The staff of Genius Attestation Services is drawn from different countries around the world. Our team of SMEs will provide you with expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Genius Attestation Services- Expertise unparalleled


14) Free Pick up and delivery
   We offer free pick up and delivery services across the Middle East. We have a dedicated team for pick up and delivery, so that you don’t have to take the trouble to come to our offices to submit your documents.
When you need a document attested or apostilled, you shouldn't have to wait. Our expert staff will walk your document through the system and have it back in no time at all without you even having to come to our office i.e. in your absence.
Genius Attestation Services- Your documents are our documents

15) Corporate Clients
        The clientele of Genius Attestation Services include ADIA (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority) , Microsoft, IBM, Middlesex University,   Emirates, just to name a few. They have found strategic and cost advantages by choosing us as their service provider.
Genius Attestation Services- The name brands trust.



Documents, specializes in the Embassy Legalization and Apostille of the following documents:

Board Certificates

Provisional Certificates
Mark Sheets
Private Diploma etc.

Experience Certificates
Transfer Certificates
Medical Reports.
Police Clearances
Legal Heir ships
Divorce papers
Power of Attorney
Company Documents
Legal Translation of regional documents to English
Home Department attestation from all Indian States
Minstry of Foreign affairs from UAE

educational and non educational certificate attestation

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